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Acon Digital Equalize Boxshot

Acon Digital Equalize

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Acon Digital Equalize Screenshot

An powerful Swiss army knife EQ with well-designed interface.

Acon Digital Equalize is a parametric equalizer plug-in that combines unique capabilities with a clear user interface and good workflow. Different from other equalizers, it allows users to easily alter the filter slope for each band as well as the center frequency, gain, and bandwidths.

Band parameters, such as bandwidths and filter slopes, can be modified directly in the graphical representation of the frequency response using handles. You may watch every part of the processing with a configurable real-time analyzer. Equalize automatically routes the audio signal internally for the best results and the shortest delay feasible, and you may quickly switch between full, mid, side, left, or right channel processing for each band.

Both Windows and Mac OS X users can use Acon Digital Equalize 2.

Highlighted Features
- Each band can have its own channel mode (mid, side, left, right or full processing).
- Three phase options are available, including a new mixed phase mode with customizable delay.
- Frequency, bandwidth, resonance, gain and filter slope are all freely adjustable.
- Up to twelve independent bands are expected to perform.
- Include eight different types of band filters.


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