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AnyTime Organizer Boxshot

AnyTime Organizer

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A schedule management tool. Your calendar, to-do list, address book, and notebook are combined into a simple and familiar interface to help you manage your life.

If you are looking for software that can organize your personal and work life, AnyTime Organizer is the one for you to increase your productivity.

It’s a powerful management tool that lets you quickly access the Calendars, To-Do lists, Contacts, Notebooks, Passwords, Expenses, and get them all organized. AnyTime Organizer offers 3000 layout design combinations and 15 Base Themes for you to customize your design. You won’t get any schedule conflicts or miss any important events, appointments, tasks, or calls since it supports adding alarms, deadlines, prioritize, sub-prioritize, important notes.

For the reminder settings, enabling you to set event alarms, add a countdown timer, use your favorite MP3 music as alarm ringtones, or by sending emails and text messages as reminders. Besides, it supports maps and driving directions if you plan to go to some events. AnyTime Organizer basically has everything you need to stay organized.

Highlighted Features
1. Include 100+ layouts & 15 Base Themes.
2. Easy to email and share your schedule with others.
3. Get maps and driving directions.
4. Automatic conflict checking.
5. Advanced reminder settings (MP3 ringtones, snooze features, emails, text messages).
6. Password protection.
7. Store passwords and logins securely.
8. Reliable import and export data.
9. Downloadable calendars.
10. And many more.


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  • I already bought AnyTime Organizer to use at work and I purchased an updated version for my sister, she is a mess in daily life. I like this software and I think it is really excellent. So I hope it can help my sister organize her daily life.
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  • Very handy software. It help me organize my life effectively. Many people use Outlook to organize daily life, but I don’t use it, so this program is really a great helper for me.
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  • I have been using this organizer since 2008, it is very helpful for me. It meets both my business and personal needs. It always works well. I’m quite satisfied.

    A few days ago, I could not open the program, and I did not know where was wrong. So I tried to ask their Tech Support for assistance. After I told them my specific situation, they immediately understood and helped me deal with this problem. With their help, I can open the program again and access all my information.

    Wonderful program and wonderful tech support. They all do a good job for consumers.
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  • I have used the older version for a long time. Recently I bought a new computer, so I decided to buy the updated version for my new computer. There are multiple nice tools in the latest version. Any features you need from a daily planner are available. Isn’t it great?
    Auf diesen Beitrag antworten
  • After using the program, you will find it make your life easier and keep everything in order. You may need some time to learn it for the first time. A printed quick start manual is necessary.
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  • Its nice interface is easy to understand, and really easy for starters. But there is a thing I have to complain, the tech support is only available by email.
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  • This calendar helps you record all the things you should do, a tiny ticker tape works silently in the bottom of the screen and reminds you of your scheduled work at the right time. It’s very helpful for my daily work. Very reliable calendar.
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  • The product has all the features that a paper organizer has. What’s more, it allows me to print these calendar pages out, make a diary, as well as print labels etc. It is wonderful.
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  • A powerful software, I love its synchronization feature. It allows to sync all my windows mobile phone files.
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  • I have used Anytime for 2 years, I love it very much. I don’t need to write down all the addresses and contacts that I should remember in my old notebook anymore. Just put them in this organizer and they can be well organized. I can even design or choose a layout and print it out. I have recorded a number of important notes in the note part and add many addresses to the address book section. It is really useful for me to remember my important business contacts and stuff. This can also remind me of those birthdays and anniversaries.

    One point to mention, there are different languages I can choose. Usually, I use English. It allows users to make more than one address book, I have two. They are for work and personal separately.

    As I’m getting older, I cannot organize my life as well as before. So I choose the program to help me. It does a good job, trust me. It is very handy and can remind you of the urgent tasks and important events. I always forget something, so it is very useful for me. What’s more, I can set a password for my calendar to stop unauthorized access. Their customer service is remarkable. They help me solve my problem very quickly. In a word, buy it now. Very worth your paying.
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  • Anytime Organizer has made my life simpler than before. Now I don't need to take paper notes about something important. I can simply put them in my organizer. I depend a lot on it.
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  • I’m busy with my work, the calendar really helps me a lot. I use it to arrange my schedule. The interface is very easy to use, like Franklin planner. I have used Franklin planner for a long time, so I can easily handle it. There are many wonderful calendar layouts. I can print them as I like.
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  • I can choose the layouts in the address book. Really wonderful. I have used it for a long time, and recently I needed to buy one new version for my Window 8 PC. I can easily manage addresses and phone numbers with the program.
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  • I have been using AnyTime Organizer for a while, it has many useful features and works perfect with my nokia mobile 5800XM, I can synchronize all my plans.
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  • I always want my life well-organized, so I choose Any Time Organizer. I have used it for nearly 15 years and I will update it as soon as the new version is released. I run a service company and this requires a number of scheduled plans. Anytime Organizer makes it so simple to me. The interface is quite intuitive. It can keep my calendar in sync with my phone and tablet. Thus I can know all the latest schedules even on the way. Generally, I seldom ask help from the tech support. But when I have some problems and contact them, they will give me feedback right away and help me deal with my problem instantly and effectively. I appreciate it very much. And I believe you will be very glad with it when you try it. It will keep your life in order.
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  • I’ve been using this program for many years and I am satisfied with it. Just a few days ago, I updated the program to Version 14 but met a little problem. Surely, the problem was solved soon with their helpful tech support. I am very happy with that. I suggest everyone try this program. You will not regret to use it. The price is affordable and features are amazing. Many thanks to Anytime Organizer.
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  • I love this product. It provides everything I need. I highly suggest you use it - really simple.
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  • My favorite digital calendar is Anytime Organizer. I found and started to use it 3 years ago. It is truly remarkable.
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  • I got this ideal tool to record my daily work, and recommended it to my colleagues. Some of them bought this product as well. Really useful in tracking schedules and costs.
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  • I had a daily planner software. I have to mention that the software has been "20 years old" and only has the 3.5 disc. It recorded many important things for me. But one day I found that I could not use it anymore on windows. The software does not support Windows 8. I need to install a new planner software and retype all the old information. Luckily, Any Time allows me to transfer all old data into it very easily. This saved me from taking a lot of time in typing. Good job!!!
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  • I’m very pleased with the Organizer. I could not live without it. I need to use it every single day and it is easy to operate.
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