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ESET Smart Security Premium is a secure data encryption and password manager. It encrypts the removable media and prevents hackers or ransomware from stealing your confidential data and passwords. Parental control is another plus of this software, which can prevent your kids from accessing inappropriate content. Also, ESET Smart Security Premium can locate your laptop if it gets stolen and can even identify thieves through the built-in camera of your computer. You can install it on multi-platform, including Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux devices with your single license.
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  • I have been looking for a software like ESET Smart Security for some time. I have used Kaspersky for more than 5 years. Kaspersky made some changes and I don’t like them, for example, firewall issue, so I have to give up using Kaspersky. I read the comments about this software and downloaded it to have a try. It is very good on protecting my computer from internet threats.

  • I’m happy to buy ESET. It is really an awesome product that I need. It can satisfy my requirements. It makes me very happy and satisfied. Thanks for the good work!

  • I downloaded it and quickly installed. It is always providing very good work. I used it to scan C and E disks of my computer. It found out 237 infected objects, 30 cleaned objects and 6,553,273 safe objects. It is handy and effective. As my E disk uses a 2.0 USB connection, so it works slow on E disk. All in all, it is a good product.

  • I have used many anti-virus programs, like Norton, Avast, etc. All of them are full versions. But ESET is the best one. I decided to move files in my old computer to a new computer. ESET helped me find out some viruses, while other software missed. It works in the background and will not bother my work. Very good!

  • ESET Smart Security is excellent software. It is not only easy to install but very easy to operate. I suggest you use it.

  • I can easily install and use Eset Smart security. I used it both for my office and home. I’m very pleased with this software. Highly recommend it!

  • Before deciding to buy Eset Smart security, I read about the customer comments. Many people support this software. I tried the trial version, and it really works great. I would like to suggest it to others.

  • After installing ESET Smart Security, my computer is protected very well. Eset Smart security 2014 provides great firewall protection and performs well in detecting and removing viruses.

  • I can’t find another product better than Eset Smart Security. It provides good work with reasonable price. It has many good features.

  • If I found out all the good performances of ESET Smart Security some weeks/months earlier, I would give it a much higher review. During installation, I got some boot problems. But it is not the problem of ESET.

  • Eset Smart Security can satisfy all my needs. What’s more, its price is fair. The downloading and setup process is very fast. I will keep using it.

  • I started to use ESET Smart Security 3 years ago, on both home and office computers. It is the best antivirus, antispyware, anti-spam and anti-phishing software as I know. If there is a family pack, it would be much better. I use Malwarebytes as well. Both of them work very well, and never slow down my computers. I’m very happy with ESET.

  • Eset Smart Security works very well in the background. It does regular updates. It is a good product, worth using.

  • Eset Smart Security is the best antivirus software I have used. The developers produced a product that can really satisfy my needs.

  • At first, I failed to install it on my 64-bit system. But finally it started working and ran well.

  • I started using ESET 5 years ago. It provides good protection to my computer and laptops. The results are very good. My system has never been attacked by serious virus. The new version also provides Internet searching protection. When I enter some harmful pages, it will prevent me. Good protection.

    There’s no bloat ware contained in it. When it runs on my personal computer, it will not influence my computer performance. All in all, it is a good product that worth my money. Much better than the free ones.

  • I’m very happy that ESET Smart Security is easy to setup, it updates automatically every day. The scanning is faster than my other security software. Very effective.

  • I use ESET Smart Security to safeguard my laptop and my cellphone. It works so well that my computer speed is never influenced. It is worth buying.

  • I have never used any software better than ESET Smart Security 2014. It does background running, the alarm information it gives out are always accurate, others can’t be so accurate. I always bring my portable hard drive with me to backup files. I used ESET Smart Security to scan it, it found out spyware and malware in the drive and helped me remove them away. I’ve never seen a software that can do such good work. ESET is a good helper.

  • It is very handy and occupies little system. It runs very well. But I suggest using it with other malware protection software together, for example, Malwarebyes. There are some threats eset might miss.

Kundenfragen und -antworten

  • 🔔 How do I find my ESET Smart Security Premium license key?
  • You will receive your ESET Smart Security Premium activation key from an email sent by ESET Official. Please refer to ESET License Keys for more information.
  • 🔔 What payment options ESET Smart Security Premium support?
  • We accept many kinds of secure online payment as below: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.
  • 🔔 What is the limitation of the ESET Smart Security Premium trial version?
  • 🔔 Is it free to update the old ESET Smart Security Premium old version to the latest version?
  • Updates roll out automatically, even if you go with a multi-year term you always have the most recent version. You will have the option in your account to upgrade to another product through an early renewal whenever you like.
  • 🔔 Is there any discount if I need an ESET Smart Security Premium multi-user license?
  • The ESET licenses support to cover multiple devices and a variety of operating systems. You will need to pay an extra $10 for each additional device.
  • 🔔 Does ESET Smart Security Premium have a student discount?
  • No, ESET Smart Security doesn't have the student discount, but ESET offers an education discount on ESET Internet Security. Please refer to ESET Student Offer for more information.
  • 🔔 Is ESET Smart Security Premium a one time purchase?
  • No, ESET Smart Security Premium is billed yearly.
  • 🔔 What is the price of ESET Smart Security Premium?
  • ESET Smart Security Premium 2-Year license costs $119.98, but now you can save $20 at ColorMango for $99.
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