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Golden Records converts your favorite records and cassettes to CD or MP3 files using your Mac or Windows PC.
• Protect vinyl LP albums and cassette tapes while you can
• Easy wizard guides you through the digitizing process
• Audio restoration tools to remove clicks and hiss
• Burn the digital recordings to CD or save to mp3

Golden Records Analog to CD/MP3 Converter Feature

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  • With Golden Records, I can first set a low sound level to ensure the output quality. I like its feature of splitting songs. It is good and effective. It can also edit audios and videos, this makes it a complete solution covering many features. The program only records mic input, so during recording, I can set the mic mute and listen to other audio or songs on my computer without influencing the recording quality.

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  • I only need a simple click on “Record”, then I can record the whole record or cassette. When tape or record comes to an end, Golden Records will automatically stop. The wave editor can convert the record files into mp3 format easily. The output quality is perfect.

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  • I can easily set up this program and download records conveniently. I also used other programs of its kind, but this one is handier. It can split up tracks, better for use.

    However, the noise floor of some records is annoying. This is the only problem.

    All in all, it is good. I enjoy having it. Many thanks to the team.

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  • With Golden Records, I can not only copy audios, but also edit the copied audios before saving them. A very wonderful program, worth recommending.

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  • I stored many Business Books on cassette tape. Those books cost me money when I bought them. With time passing by, they began to deteriorate. Golden Records provides me a good way to convert the tapes to MP3 or CD, thus the books will be kept forever.

    At first, I had some problems with it. It provides 2 types of instructions, one is comprehensive version and the other is quick start. I chose quick start instruction, because I like to try different things all by myself and find out how things work. However, it is a mistake to choose the quick start, because I don’t know how to make it work. I have to go to the website to download the newest version. Then it provides me with good functions. It helps me turn tapes into MP3/CD. I can record in wave/MP3 format and store them directly in computer or burn them to DVD/CD.

    What’s more, it can record different tracks automatically according to the noise of the gap in music track tape/CD. Thus the output file will not be very large. It can also keep a log of all operations when doing a recording. This helps me find out errors and fix them later.

    Golden Records is really great. You just need to load it, then the following process is very handy. It does conversions in the background and brings good effect. It is very good, worth using.

    Auf diesen Beitrag antworten

  • The setting of Golden Records is easy and it is very easy to use as well. The interface is user friendly and intuitive. It is a good solution for converting vinyl to DVDs/CDs. I like it very much.

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  • I have stored many vinyls, I don’t want to spend money to buy new CDs or make new downloads. At this time, Golden Records helped me a lot. It helps me turn those vinyls into digital formats. The setting up process is very easy and the output product is of high quality.

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  • Golden Records helps me turn old Vinyl Lp record, tapes or cassettes to CD or to wav/mp3 formats. It does the conversion in a very easy and effective way. It is so handy, I just need to install it and follow the guides to finish each step of operation. But the conversion really takes time. If you are patient enough, it will be very helpful for you.

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  • Golden Records provides good solution to convert old vinyl into mp3 format. The conversion really takes long time.

    If I can find MP3 resources directly on amazon, I’d rather spend some money downloading the tracks than waste long time converting. However, there are some tracks that can’t be bought in mp3 format or on CD, in these cases, Golden Records is very useful.

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  • Compared with a USB turntable, Golden Records is a better tool to digitize vinyl.

    It can connect directly to computer soundcard (including a RCA to 3.5 stereo jack converter) from turntable or an amplifier. Then the first thing to do is setting up the interface of this program correctly. The sound card should be set right as well, otherwise there will be problems with audio.

    The interface is very clear to operate. I have successfully converted vinyl and tape recordings. Golden Records can detect gaps between tracks if the settings are correct, but it is usually not 100% correct. Manual check is still needed.

    I like Golden Records more than other software. It is very easy to operate and the audio quality is very good, plus it costs less.

    It is a really good software.

    Auf diesen Beitrag antworten

  • Golden Records helps converting my old tapes to digital formats, thus I can leave those tapes behind. I can also burn them into CDs or transfer them into an MP3 player if needed. The program can also be used for vinyl records conversion, many tracks can be turned into MP3 formats, but not everything. It is a time-consuming process, but I really enjoy recalling those memories stored in vinyl records.

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  • It may be a dream of many people to turn the music on vinyl record and tapes to CD or mp3 formats, so that they can enjoy their favorite classic songs again on different devices. With Golden Records, we can do many things other than staring at the records and sighing. This wonderful software has easy user interface. It is very handy. It helps me preserve my albums and tapes in digital formats.

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  • Golden Records is a good tool to digitalize cassette tapes. Though Golden Records can find out gaps to split tracks, it is not always correct, so I need to check it. If it can be equipped with a good turntable or amp, it will be more helpful. However, considering about its fair price, it has worked as it promised, it can even eliminate noises from converted files.

    I have large amount of old albums, they’ll never have a digital version. Golden Records really helps me convert them, so that I can enjoy the wonderful products on diverse devices. If you also have some old products and want to digitalize them, you can try it!

    Auf diesen Beitrag antworten

  • I have many records, and I have kept some of them for many years. I can still remember the situation when I buy them. I never thought about throwing them away. This converter helps me turn my old vinyl LP records and audio tapes to CD, wav or mp3 formats. I only need to follow the guides. The operation is very easy. What’s more, this program has some audio restoration tools, they can help me enhance the output quality through removing pops, clicks or the scratches. The interface is very clear. Though the conversion speed is not very fast, I think it’s worthy. It will take several weeks to finish the conversion, but I like my old records and I think the time I spent is worthy. It is a good software. Highly recommend it!

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