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Typing Instructor for Kids Boxshot

Typing Instructor for Kids

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To enhance typing skills for kids in an entertaining and educational way.

Digital skills, especially keyboarding, could be one of the essential skills in this modern world. To build an accurate finger and key placement memory is necessary to start from young typists. Typing Instructor for Kids is an award-winning typing program designed for young typists to improve their typing skills entertainingly and educationally.

It delivers 30+ game challenges based on an exciting Typer island adventure, which requires travel through five unique lands leading up to the Castle with collecting treasures, gold and jewels, and earning points. Kids can get each reward every step of the way to keep them engaged and build speed & accuracy. Plus, there are seven new friends as guides for finger & placement on typer island and have new characters through each land. The results are shown as WPM (words per minute) and accuracy scores, which can be saved for up to five typists. Support typing in English and Spanish.


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  • I purchased this product for my son last week. I spent some time downloading this tool. It also took me a while to get it started. After these procedures, my son can enjoy the typing lessons with the intriguing games easily. This program is very simple. It fits my son very well.

    However, I suggest that the tool should remind children to keep fingers on the home keys all the time. In a word, this software can meet all the demands of my child in learning typing.
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  • I bought this for my son. He has the illness of low muscle tone. I wish this tool can fit him well. Maybe this tool can assist him to write more smoothly and easily with a PC. To my surprise, he is not interested in this product at all, I do not know why.
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  • This great tool is my favorite. My son has some difficulties in writing and reading. I bought this for him to type his assignment on PC. This tool has helped him a lot in learning to type. He now is very familiar with the keyboard. I do not love the timing options, for it’s a pressure for my son. Overall, this tool is better than all the similar products in the market now.
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  • My son now is enjoying himself with this great software. He has learned the way to type with the help of this tool. He is interested in the typing games, and feels no pressure at all. The typing games make him happy. He can learn typing while playing fun games. It is quite good for a kid like him to use this tool to learn typing.
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  • I am not sure whether this tool has helped my kid type well. There are many typing games in this application. However, the random orders of the letter make my kid become annoyed with the game soon. I hope this weakness can be updated in the next version.
    Auf diesen Beitrag antworten
  • This tool is great. It is very suitable for my kids. The graphics are wonderful. I also love the various learning levels very much. What an interesting and perfect program it is!!
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  • Awesome deal! The coupon is valid. Thanks for sharing!
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  • I purchased this for my little kid. He is 8 year old now. This magic tool has helped him improve the typing speed to a great degree. The result is amazing. It is really useful for everybody who starts to learn the typing skills. The typing practices come with games. He loves the typing games. Well done! I do appreciate the help of this great software.
    Auf diesen Beitrag antworten
  • My daughter is 7 years old now. I try to teach her to type on the computer. With the assistance of this wonderful software, she has fallen in love with typing games. She now can type skillfully to some extent. After the 5 months’ practicing, her typing speed is very quick. This nice tool has helped her a lot in her homework. It is really worth buying such a good tool.
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  • I am fond of this fabulous tool. I have bought this software for my little kid. He is now 10 years old. Last month, he began to use this tool to learn typing. He has made great progress with the help of this tool. His typing speed is still not so fast, but the progress is very obvious. This will help him with his computer classes in the next semester. The program contains some interesting typing games for children. The games are fantastic in attracting my son to finish the typing tasks. If he wants to win the game or move forward, he has to get the typing assignment done. This program is really amazing. I have recommended this tool to all my friends with a kid. Thumb up!!
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  • I got it with a much lower price than the reg. price. Lucky!
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  • This program pleased my daughter a lot. It enables her to improve the typing skills easily and effectively. The learning results satisfy me as well. This tool offers fantastic typing games. I ask my daughter to play the typing games on my laptop day by day. She never feels dull or annoying with the tool. I really love this perfect software. There is also a Mac version. 5-Star product!!
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  • The offer is great. It helped me save $7. LOL
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