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MAGIX manufacture all kinds of audio video software and graphic photo software.

MAGIX Rabatt Coupons

Audio Production

MAGIX Samplitude Pro Suite Discount Coupon
11/29/20212,626 der umsatz
LizenzPreisSie sparenRabattGutscheincode
Pro X6 Suite$299.50 $299.5050%Sale ansehen
MAGIX Music Maker Premium Discount Coupon
A professional music production software, sets music production, recording, sharing, and other functions in one program.
11/29/20212,517 der umsatz
LizenzPreisSie sparenRabattGutscheincode
Premium$59.98 $69.0253,5%Sale ansehen
Trap Edition$19.97 $10.0233,4%Sale ansehen
Hip Hop Edition$19.97 $10.0233,4%Sale ansehen
EDM Edition$19.97 $10.0233,4%Sale ansehen
80s Edition$19.97 $10.0233,4%Sale ansehen
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MAGIX Music Maker Plus Discount Coupon
The Easiest Way To Make Music
12/5/20211,859 der umsatz
ACID Pro Discount Coupon
11/29/20211,794 der umsatz
LizenzPreisSie sparenRabattGutscheincode
ACID Pro$99.50 $99.5050%Sale ansehen
ACID Pro 365 (12 month)$93.50 $26.3822%Code kopieren
ACID Pro Suite$198.70 $200.3050,2%Sale ansehen
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SOUND FORGE Pro Discount Coupon
Powerful audio editing software, excellent sound design, and development software provide users creative space to deal with audio and video content.
11/29/20211,715 der umsatz
LizenzPreisSie sparenRabattGutscheincode
SOUND FORGE Pro$239.40 $159.6040%Sale ansehen
Pro Suite$248.58 $350.4258,5%Sale ansehen
Pro 365 (12 month)$140.30 $39.5822%Code kopieren
Pro Suite 365 (12 month, 26.99/month)$21.05 $5.9422%Code kopieren
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SOUND FORGE Audio Studio Discount Coupon
A very powerful audio editing software by Magix
11/29/20211,681 der umsatz
LizenzPreisSie sparenRabattGutscheincode
Audio Studio$39.95 $20.0433,4%Sale ansehen
Samplitude Music Studio Discount Coupon
It allows you to plug in, play, record and edit. Equipped with everything you need.
11/29/20211,281 der umsatz
MAGIX Samplitude Pro Discount Coupon
Very powerful and practical audio production software
11/29/20211,212 der umsatz
LizenzPreisSie sparenRabattGutscheincode
Samplitude Pro X6$198.70 $200.3050,2%Sale ansehen
Pro 365 (monthly price, paid annual)$17.93 $5.0622%Code kopieren
SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab Discount Coupon
Professional-grade professional audio cleaning and repairing solutions
11/29/2021836 der umsatz
LizenzPreisSie sparenRabattGutscheincode
Single Lifetime Use License$49.99 $50.0050%Sale ansehen
ACID Music Studio Discount Coupon
Powerful multi-track audio production and editing software.
11/29/2021430 der umsatz
MAGIX Analogue Modelling Suite Plus Discount Coupon
Packed with four high-quality effects plug-ins.
12/5/2021283 der umsatz
MAGIX Vandal Discount Coupon
12/5/2021195 der umsatz
Sequoia Discount Coupon
11/30/2021174 der umsatz

DJ & Audio Mixer

MAGIX VariVerb II Discount Coupon
12/5/2021500 der umsatz
wizardFX Suite Discount Coupon
11/30/2021213 der umsatz

Video Editing

Vegas Pro Discount Coupon
Vegas Pro
A professional video editing software, Vegas Pro brings leading image stabilization capabilities, motion tracking, creating 360° video editing workflow, new MAGIX eFX audio effects, etc.
11/29/20214,666 der umsatz
LizenzPreisSie sparenRabattGutscheincode
VEGAS Pro Edit - lifetime$199.20 $49.8020%Sale ansehen
VEGAS Pro - lifetime$319.20 $79.8020%Sale ansehen
VEGAS Post - lifetime$479.20 $119.8020%Sale ansehen
VEGAS Edit 365 - 12 months$124.70 $31.1820%Sale ansehen
VEGAS Pro 365 - 12 months$191.90 $47.9820%Sale ansehen
VEGAS Post 365 - 12 months$287.90 $71.9820%Sale ansehen
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MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Premium Discount Coupon
A powerful video editing software, which provides advanced effect packages and special effects for 4K video editing, support GPU acceleration, makes video processing faster.
11/29/20213,711 der umsatz
VEGAS Movie Studio Discount Coupon
A powerful and professional non-linear video editing software, consumer-level video production software. Modern user interface without complicated operation, all functions are easy to use.
11/29/20213,529 der umsatz
LizenzPreisSie sparenRabattGutscheincode
VEGAS Movie Studio$54.94 $15.0521,5%Code kopieren
VEGAS Movie Studio Platinum$59.99 $40.0040%Sale ansehen
VEGAS Movie Studio Suite$100.62 $28.3822%Code kopieren
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MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Discount Coupon
12/5/20211,645 der umsatz
MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Plus Discount Coupon
To produce professional, high-quality videos in a variety of resolutions.
12/5/20211,384 der umsatz
MAGIX Video Pro X Discount Coupon
A powerful professional video editing software supports Blu-ray 4K video
11/29/20211,328 der umsatz
MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab Discount Coupon
11/30/2021210 der umsatz
VEGAS POST Discount Deal
9/16/2021146 der umsatz
LizenzPreisSie sparenRabattGutscheincode
VEGAS POST$599--Jetzt kaufen
VEGAS POST 365 (12 months / annual payment)$359.88--Jetzt kaufen

System Optimizer & Maintenance

MAGIX PC Check & Tuning Discount Coupon
Debugging tools that significantly improve computer performance
11/30/2021619 der umsatz
LizenzPreisSie sparenRabattGutscheincode
1-year license$14.99 $15.0050%Code kopieren
MAGIX Game Control Discount Coupon
11/30/2021166 der umsatz
LizenzPreisSie sparenRabattGutscheincode
1-year license$14.99 $15.0050%Code kopieren

Digital Photo/Image

MAGIX Photostory Discount Coupon
A professional slideshow maker, it not only contains more than 1,500 kinds of effects, transitions & music but also provides built-in image optimization tools.
11/29/20211,999 der umsatz
LizenzPreisSie sparenRabattGutscheincode
Deluxe$39.89 $30.1043%Sale ansehen
MAGIX Foto Manager Deluxe Discount Coupon
An excellent multi-functional photo management software
11/30/20211,465 der umsatz
LizenzPreisSie sparenRabattGutscheincode
Single Lifetime Use License$34.99 $15.0030%Code kopieren
MAGIX Photostory easy Discount Coupon
Professional and easy-to-use photo slide making software
11/30/2021379 der umsatz
LizenzPreisSie sparenRabattGutscheincode
Single Lifetime License$24.99 $15.0037,5%Code kopieren
MAGIX Photo Premium Discount Coupon
11/30/2021282 der umsatz
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