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Typing Instructor for Kids Discount Coupon

Gutscheincode: BACK2SCHOOL18
  • Helps kids to improve typing skills
  • Provides creative lessons and exercises
  • Provides multi-level games to make learning to type fun
Typing Instructor Platinum Discount Coupon
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Gutscheincode: BACK2SCHOOL18
  • Helps you learn to type or improve your typing skills
  • Provides exciting travel adventures make learning to type fun
  • Provides multi-play games to set a new standard in entertainment
Wondershare QuizCreator Discount Coupon
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Gutscheincode: COLO-RKL9-MANG
  • A professional quiz software builder
  • Includes 18 different question types
  • Reviews instantly
  • Offers 5 different publishing options
FastFox Discount Coupon
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  • Text expander program helps you type your frequently used text faster
  • No limit on text shortcut amount or expanded text length
  • Support doc files and images
  • Allow backup and restoration of shortcut data & groups
KeyBlaze Typing Tutor Discount Coupon
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  • The typing tutor software to speed up your typing
  • Suitable for users of all skill levels
  • Help enhancing typing speed and accuracy
Nolo's Estate Planning Bundle Discount Coupon

  • Helps you make estate planning documents
  • Teaches you to leave property with a trust
  • Helps you manage your records
Chess Tutor Discount Deal

  • A Windows program for the learning of chess
  • Provides the elementary knowledge of The Chess
  • Includes 23 lessons, 1800 exercises and 66 games
AirNav RadarBox Discount Deal
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  • Includes Real-Time Radar ADS-B decoder hardware
  • Does not need an external power supply
  • Supports Plug-and-play USB connection
AirNav ACARS Decoder Discount Deal

  • Supports Real-time ACARS Decoding
  • Provides real-time flight information
  • Supports automatic accurate aircraft data download
AirNav FS Live Traffic Discount Deal

  • Provides all necessary aircraft models and paints to simulate the traffic
  • Provides a collection of more than 1600 enhanced airports
  • Downloads the current flight information for you
  • Helps you convert the flight information to schedules
AirNav Live Flight Tracker Discount Deal
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  • Includes airline and general aviation flights included
  • Supports unlimited number of tracked flights
  • Helps you track flights by operator, airport
AirNav Suite Discount Deal

  • Provides new ACARS and Selcal real-time Interfaces
  • Supports ACARS, HF and VHF real-time Tracking and Monitoring
  • Supports to view photos of tracked aircraft
AirNav ShipTrax Discount Deal

  • No third-party software or apps with hidden costs required
  • Supports to see local and network traffic in Real-Time
  • Provides professional email and forum support
AceReader Shopping & Trial

  • Speed Reading - Read Faster! Comprehend More!
  • Ability to use graphic to monitor the progress
  • Provides 625 eBooks, video tutorials
  • Provides both Windows and Macintosh support
MasterCook Shopping & Trial

  • The Complete Recipe, Cookbook & Kitchen Manager!
  • Contains 30 built-in cookbooks and more than 8,000 recipes
  • Store 5,000 and more recipes online in your own private account
  • Support to track nutrition and costing for recipes
AirNav Selcal Decoder Discount Deal

  • Provides Real-time Selcal Decoding
  • Provides real-time information on the decoded Aircraft
  • Supports manual change of decoded data
  • Supports to report Generation in TXT format
Disney: Mickey's Typing Adventure Discount Coupon

Gutscheincode: BACK2SCHOOL18
  • Kids are Taught to Type in the Exciting World of Typelandia!
  • Provides an exciting place to learn to type
  • Provides creative lessons and exercises to help kids learn to type
  • Has a proven educational design
Mondly Discount Coupon

Gutscheincode: backtoschool18
Professor Teaches Office 2016 & Windows 10 Shopping & Trial

  • Complete Windows 10 & Office 2016 guides&tips
  • Provide interactive tutorials and Practical exercises
  • Include massive lessons about Office 2016 & Windows 10
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