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Nero Video

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Nero Video is a powerful editing and production software designed for beginners and advanced users. It contains all the features you need for film and video production, with multiple editing functions. It is a powerful editing and production software for beginners and advanced users. It has no unnecessary features, and all the video editing functions are very relevant to create beautiful movies and videos with its help. It is impeccable in creating videos and slideshows easily, quickly, and professionally. The software is designed to be user-friendly and has demo videos for all the more professional functions, which can help you whether you are a professional media producer or just starting.

Nero Video has over 1000 built-in movie themes and effects of letting your creativity soar. It supports you in capturing, importing, importing and replacing, and separating your media through two different modes on the same interface. You can choose between single track or multi in Quick Edit mode, where you can create projects in a quick replacement: replace and separate your clips and add effects—as a result, getting the best results in the shortest time.

Nero Video makes it very easy to transfer video and image files from mobile devices, external hard drives, USB sticks, camcorders, and HD and 4K cameras to your computer, as well as to your media library 'Nero MediaHome' with a lot of information such as the date, place or person filmed. ' for subsequent editing.

In general, Nero Video helps you to create videos and slideshows easily, quickly, and professionally, with a great variety of templates to apply to create very personalized movies according to different themes such as family, party, children, travel, action, etc. It is also possible to export and burn, play your videos on DVD and Blu-ray players, and share your happiness.
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  • Its really good
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  • Most people would use the professional video editing tool like Corel VideoStudio, while I like Nero Video. Nero Video is also a very good product. It has professional video editing features with special video effects and templets. This is also a very good choice for video editors.
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  • 🔔 Why have you listed this as a 100% giveaway and also as a 20% discount offer? It would be great if you offered the both on this page, so everyone has the chance to choose which one to go for.


  • Thank you for your suggestion. Now we’re offering both the discount offer and giveaway offer for Nero Video on this page.

    Thank you again for your support of ColorMango.com!
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