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Zemana AntiLogger 50% Rabatt (Gutschein gültig)

Zemana AntiLogger Rabatt Gutschein-Code
Zemana AntiLogger Rabatt Gutschein-Code
Herbstverkauf 2021
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5 PCs / 2 Years$59.90 $119.8$59.9050% OffCode kopieren
5 PCs / 3 Years$71.13 $142.26$71.1350% OffCode kopieren
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Zemana AntiLogger is an excellent anti-keyboard program produced by Zemana Company of Turkey. It uses a powerful anti-operation mode to prevent threats from various malicious software and actively protects your "information security" from threats without using the signature algorithm. Zemana AntiLogger is a powerful system security protection software. The built-in protection modules can protect your computer from malicious programs such as viruses, spyware, keyloggers, and Trojans. You can use them at the same time or start or stop the built-in modules independently. It can resist attacks from all malicious software known to be used for information theft. Zemana AntiLogger uses an active defense and unique way to detect potentially harmful programs that have not been recognized or identified by antivirus software. Zemana AntiLogger also adopts a brand-new and powerful protection mode to defend against unknown malicious software that even famous or commonly used security software cannot capture. The Zemana AntiLogger contains all the Zemana AntiMalware and has two more functions: Secure SSL and Keystroke Logging Protection.

The keyboard profiler will record the key actions such as the account name, password, and credit card number you entered. After starting Zemana AntiLogger, you can detect all known and unknown keyboard profiler without using the signature algorithm and prevent them from stealing your private information; an Anti-screen recorder can prevent screen recording software from stealing your information; an Anti-webcam recorder can protect your webcam from being used by webcam recorder. Clipboard recorder records the contents you copied to the clipboard, which may include your account name, password, credit card number, and other private information. Opening the anti-clipboard recorder can protect your information security.
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  • I installed the product without any extra trouble, configuration and unnecessary work-up is completely avoided. And it is not hard to learn how to use it, actually all it is about is turning it on or turning it In addition, it does not affect the normal operation of your other programs. Furthermore, my computer has been away from trouble since I installed it, and reports say it can give protection to every program. Great compatibility with AVG antivirus.

  • Once I installed Zemana logger trial, and it was able to record all I typed in browsers and applications, while Zemana AntiLogger could successfully prevent the recording and keep my private info safe.

  • My computer has been protected from keyloggers since I installed it. (I haven’t had time to check the program carefully so I am not able to comment on protection capability, but according to others’ reviews I know it’ll go well.) One coin has two sides. A software “jotzey” was installed in my computer unknowingly after I finished installation of the application, what makes things worse was that an application named “back up your PC” was also installed in my computer and that’s of no use for me! Since then I lost my faith in this company and uninstalled them at last.

  • I have to express my thanks to you for sharing such a discounted price for Zemana! I paid my attention on OS because info from the Internet said recent past HP and some other computers had incompatible problem with a Zemana driver. What’s more, I also use Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit Beta, but it regarded “Applnit.dll” as a virus and alerted me to remove it. Actually I know it’s Zemana, so I tell MBAR to ignore it. I hope what I typed is useful to you guys.

  • I started to use Zemana AntiLogger since 3 years ago. It has been reliable and the best part of it is that it works well with my Windows OS and almost all my security programs.
    It has done a great job in keeping my computer away from keyloggers, even intentionally installed keylogger programs and other annoying keylogger malware.

  • I've used AntiLogger 1.9 version for couple of year... With the new version 2.0 you get antimalware scanning feature + ransomware protection + keystroke encryption + real-time protection... :)

  • You can run this program after very few configurations and it does not affect your normal operation. It protects all common software including browsers without a screen-logger to snatch. This program costs only few OS resources and the version can get update periodically. The most important thing is that the company really focuses on the capability of its program as well as on the system safety. Last week I got a problem with it and I emailed the details to the company, several minutes passed and I got their response in time. This program is very effective because since I start to use AntiLogger my OS has been away from any keylogging attack. (But I don’t know whether or not it shows any reminder when attack happens, I'll check this later.)I have no complaint on it at all. By the time I finished installation of it Malwarebytes Beat Anti-Rootkit program showed me that one file was virus and asked me to should remove it, and after I clicked YES the program crashed. I should not have deleted that.

  • I have to say that the Z and nice shield icon are my favorite!! That’s why I download and install it unhesitatingly. This program is compatible with my AVAST. During the time I’m with it, my computer is virus free. You can set this ready in 10 mins and its simple interface makes it easy to use. I know my computer may be infected with unknown virus and after it was installed my computer went clear. So it is really effective. One thing to be criticized is that the frequency of its updating is too low. When I decided to buy it I had some problems with my serial number, and after uninstallation and then reinstallation, it worked well again. Still can’t figure out the reasons.

  • My friend recommended it to me when it was just released; by that time I began to use it. I keep my faith in it except one time a corrected problem with my system happened. It works silently and effectively, after several set ups there is no any disturbance. Zemana is a software designed for everyone, despite of financial capacity. Most security programs are too expensive for common users to afford, but Zemana is affordable for everyone, and it provides powerful security protection for computers, just as Malwarebytes and Avast does, all of which are my favorite security programs. Zemana is well worth my every penny. Great thanks!

  • I bought this program and found it’s worthy of its price! Zemana should get more encouragement because by this way it can keep a positive cycle.

  • It's a nice program product, but there is no uninstall feature, so the clean process is unpleasant. If you want to remove the program, you need to work with Revo Uninstaller.

  • Zemana works flawlessly on my Win 7 Home Premium SP1 64 bit OS, and works without any problem with AV VIPRE, Privatefirewall and other programs. In my case, Zemana can easily solve unexpected security problems.)

  • I've used this program for several years. It really gave me the safety that away from the keyloggers and malware. One of its feature I'd like to mention here, that allows to encrypt your keystrokes, so that is to say the keylogger would be invalid even a keylogger installed on the computer for the information would be given to the cyber criminal. In addition, Zemana Antilogger is lightweight, and will not slow down the system, and it's very compatible with all my other programs. Great!

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