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Blue Iris

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  • 🔥FULL VERSION (1 PC, Up to 64 cameras, no upgrade)
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  • FULL VERSION (1 PC, Up to 64 cameras, no upgrade) [ABGELAUFEN]
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  • FULL VERSION (1 PC, Up to 64 cameras, no upgrade) [ABGELAUFEN]
  • $62.95 $69.95
  • $7.00
  • 10% Off
  • FULL VERSION (1 PC, Up to 64 cameras, no upgrade) [ABGELAUFEN]
  • $62.95 $69.95
  • $7.00
  • 10% Off
  • FULL VERSION (1 PC, Up to 64 cameras, no upgrade) [ABGELAUFEN]
  • $62.95 $69.95
  • $7.00
  • 10% Off
  • FULL VERSION (1 PC, Up to 64 cameras, no upgrade) [ABGELAUFEN]
  • $62.95 $69.95
  • $7.00
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A video surveillance software. It can be used for video surveillance in supermarket and stores. It provides free monitoring function and can monitor 64 cameras.

Blue Iris is video security and webcam software. It’s both suitable for home users and business users. It uses a flexible DIY home video security solution designed to provide users with functional advantages such as UI refresh, remote management, and police operation set lists. It can use up to 64 cameras (network cameras, Network IP camera, analog card or Windows PC desktop). Capture JPEG snapshots or movies in standard MP4, AVI, advanced DVR or Windows Media file formats. Fully functional, friendly interface, If you are looking for an easy to use but powerful and professional featured monitor, this is a good choice, and you should not miss it!

Blue Iris Features
1. Video security
It always pay attention to your family, family, business, car and valuables.
2. Remote management
It allows users to view your real-time camera and recorded video remotely.
3. List of warning measures
It provides powerful alerts for cameras and other situations.
4. Re-designed UI
V5 has a new user interface, in which every element has been redesigned!
  • "It supports Up to 64 cameras."
  • "It supports mobile access."
  • "It has a strong base of fans and can use a variety of components and be customizable."
  • "It has a learning curve. As every camera and monitor will add to the CPU load, sometimes, as your computer specifications are going to be outdated, load times to look live at a camera have lengthened, and buffering is frequent."


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  • I like Blue Iris, but the discount on ColorMango website is for the old version 4. The company release version 5 at the end of May, now I have to try to undo this transaction.
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  • This is actually version 5 as well. All new keys work with both.
  • I have tested almost all camera software available, and I can say Blue Iris is the best one. It is compatible with nearly all cameras on the market, including web camera and laptop camera. One thing to complain about is its Tech support. No phone assistance, helpless email response, I solved my problem all by myself at last.
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  • Good User Interface, easy to make settings and rich features.
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  • Coupon worked for me! 10% off!
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  • After using numerous IP cam apps, I can say BlueIris is so much better than others, for its powerful features and simplicity.
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  • Installed on my Win laptop, and it runs well. BlueIris only supports Windows OS, hope they can develop a Mac or Linux version.
    Auf diesen Beitrag antworten
  • Up to 64 cameras supported, that is great! This program is good for family use, store or small supermarket. BTW, it's easy to use, like me, a tech newbie.
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  • The installation of BlueIris took only a very very short time, and it's amazingly simple to use.
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  • Blue Iris works seamlessly with my Foscam home camera system. It is very easy to use, but comes with advanced features. When it detects a motion, it starts recording automatically.
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  • Nice program. Easy to use and great. I tried it for a few days, and decided to buy a full version of this wonderful program.
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  • The coupon is valid. Thanks for saving my money :p
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  • Blue Iris has rich features and friendly UI. I can control it easily. Solid and reliable webcam software.
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Kundenfragen und -antworten

  • 🔔 What is the Blue Iris refund policy?
  • Blue Iris doesn't support a money-back guarantee, but it provides a 15-Days demo trial without any limitations. During these 15 days trial, you can take full advantage of Blue Iris and get fully aware of its features/functions before you purchase it. It's also possible to extend the trial time by sending an email to Blue Iris support team if you need it.
  • 🔔 What is Blue Iris compatible with?
  • Blue iris is compatible with most network IP cameras including ONVIF, RTSP, RTMP, MJPEG and regular JPEGs. Please refer to Blue Iris Version 5 User Manual for additional info.
  • 🔔 How do you secure Blue Iris?
  • The access model of Blue Iris is on-premises. Your video is stored locally, not relying on outside cloud services, so that the problem of unauthorized access is limited. For additional info about Blue Iris security, please refer to Blue Iris Version 5 User Manual.
  • 🔔 How do I install Blue Iris 5?
  • To install Blue Iris 5,
    1. Download the Blue Iris V5 Installation File.
    2. Click Next, then Install Microsoft Visual C++, and click Restart.
    3. Back to the Setup page, click Next, select the installation folder, then click Install.
    4. After Finish the installation, input your license key and click Next.
    Please refer to Blue Iris Version 5 User Manual for additional info.
  • 🔔 How do I set up port forwarding for Blue Iris?
  • 1. On the “Port Forwarding” page, input the router’s address on your LAN. (For example,
    2. Set the Port as 81, LAN port as 81, LAN address (e.g.,, and the Protocol should be TCP or “both.”
    For detailed info, please refer to Blue Iris Version 5 User Manual.
  • 🔔 How do I reduce Blue Iris on my CPU?
  • There are several ways to avoid CPU saturation with Blue Iris,
    - Check the internal web-based settings of your camera, and ensure you did not enable any “high” or “smart” or “+” modes when selecting the H.264 “main” profile.
    - Set Blue Iris not to decode each video frame.
    - Direct-to-disc recording.
    For more detailed guide and other methods of reducing Blue Iris on your CPU, please refer to Blue Iris Version 5 User Manual - CPU Management.
  • 🔔 Does Blue Iris work on Mac?
  • No, Blue Iris is not compatible with Mac operating system at the moment. However, Parallels desktop for Mac can run Blue Iris well.
  • 🔔 How do I add IP camera to Blue Iris?
  • 1. At the top right of the Blue Iris interface, click on the “+” button.
    2. Input the camera name, type, and options choosing.
    3. Click OK, and the Network IP cameras configuration page will popup automatically.
    4. Enter the camera IP address into the Address box, and also the username and password of the camera. (You can also use Find/Inspect to search automatically.)
    Please refer to Blue Iris Version 5 User Manual for more detailed info.
  • UI3 is the default web interface of Blue Iris since 2018.
  • 🔔 Do Amcrest cameras work with Blue Iris?
  • Yes, Blue Iris supports Amcrest cameras.
  • 🔔 What is the best free IP camera software?
  • Blue Iris can be one of the best IP cameras software in 2020. It can record up to 64 cameras, which is capable of covering lots of locations and angles. It allows you to monitor each camera view through your computer easily, or remotely by using the built-in web server, or mobile app. You can be notified via email, mobile phone, or loudspeaker whenever anything goes on. It packed with many other excellent features such as user-friendly interface, audio and motion detection, time-stamped, etc, which makes Blue Iris one of the best video-security solutions.
  • 🔔 How do you use the Blue Iris app?
  • Blue Iris provides Apps both on Android and iOS. To use Blue Iris via the app,
    1. Complete a login page. (At the page, use part of your Blue Iris license key to get your server addresses, or you can input them manually.)
    2. Add your mobile device to the Mobile Devices page in Settings. (Select the type of your mobile device, its name, device ID, or you can use the Edit button to set your device description and tags.)
    3. Enable the geofencing feature by selecting it. (Optional.)
    Please refer to Blue Iris Version 5 User Manual for additional info.
  • 🔔 How do I set up Blue Iris?
  • 1. Install and run Blue Iris.
    2. Connect cameras to the POE switch.
    3. Configure each camera’s IP address, and each camera’s username and password.
    4. Plug all the cameras into a switch, and your HTPC into the switch.
    5. Open Blue Iris, Add IP Address of each camera and click on Find/Inspect.
    For more detailed guide, please refer to Blue Iris Version 5 User Manual.
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